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10 ways  businesses use RPA’s 

1. Boost your website and social channels

Small business owners are using RPA photography to freshen up their website and social media channels with new and engaging media. RPAs can capture images and video of your premises, your team working outdoors (e.g. tiling, landscaping, and construction), a staff get together or a fleet of vehicles. Hire a RPA operator to come around and capture your work from a new and engaging perspective that can then be shared on social media.

2. Marine businesses

To promote their boats for sale, marine businesses hire RPA operators to fly in a slow orbit around the cruiser/yacht for sale to capture engaging video of the vessel as it moves across a sunset/sunrise. The video and photographs are added to the online for sale listing. RPAs can also be used to film sailing races. Fishing boats and prawn trawlers can fly a RPA in front of the boat to help scout for schools of prawn. A live video link from the RPA allows the captain to see where to steer the boat to next.

3. Golf courses

RPAs can be flown through each fairway, recording HD video as it goes. The video can later be edited down to create a hole-by-hole preview for golfers wanting to check out the course from their home/office. Commentary can be added to provide audio tips as the RPA goes over certain features such as bunkers and water.

4. Events companies

An aerial perspective of an event can provide a unique bird’s eye view and can bring the whole crowd plus any attractive surrounding features of the area into the shot. Examples include outdoor corporate events, sporting events, weddings, and schools & university events, shows and markets. RPAs can even deliver objects onto a stage – we have seen various requests for different kinds of objects to be delivered by RPA – a beer can, engagement ring, balloons, paper brochures, a packet of butter, water balloons, a birthday card and even a chair. Or think about this – a swarm of RPAs carrying LED lights performed a choreographed light show at NFL Super Bowl and at Disney World.

5. Real-estate agents

Aerial shots bring the garden, pool, or water views into the image. It’s well-known these days that RPAs can deliver much more engaging imagery of a house for sale. On vacant sites/development sites, RPAs can fly up and get 360 degree shots to replicate the view – to show people what the view will look like before the building is developed.

6. Building inspectors and architects

RPAs allow for inspections of the most challenging roofs and buildings. Fly the RPA up and zoom in specifically on defects such as cracking, corrosion, storm damage, guttering and facades. This has added a major safety factor to building inspections as well as eliminating traditional manual inspection processes such as hiring access equipment and scaffolds to gain access, which can cost thousands of dollars a day.
There is also tracking progress of construction sites, mapping terrains and creating three-dimensional models by stitching together RPA photos.

7. Film crews

Sprawling cities and miles of forest look great, but RPA usage in film and TV is not limited to ‘establishing’ shots anymore. RPAs are being used for stunning reveals, vehicle tracking and other creative shots.

8. Farmers assessing the health of their crop

Normal cameras record images in three bands of the visible spectrum – red, green, and blue. By comparison, a hyperspectral camera captures 270 bands in the visible and near-infrared portions of the spectrum, providing far more detail than the human eye can see. RPAs are now capable of carrying small versions of these incredible cameras and this allows for the classification of different kinds of crop or vegetation type. Every object gives off a unique hyperspectral signature, kind of like a human fingerprint. A diseased plant gives off a different signature than the equivalent healthy one.

9. Window cleaning businesses

These businesses use RPAs to fly around a building to assess the kind of windows it has and how dirty they are, and what features of the structure might make the job more challenging to do. The video from the RPA determines these things and makes quoting much easier and more accurate by being evidence based. The RPA can fly again after the job has been done to demonstrate how clean all the windows are to the building manager.

10. Asset inspection

Bridges, towers, solar panels, wind turbines… Many outdoor structures need to be inspected at least once a year. RPAs replace cranes and EWP’s and allow for faster, safer and more detailed high- res images of these assets. Images can be stitched together using software and 3d models of the assets can be developed. Each time this is done, the asset owner can benefit from more and more historical data about their asset.