Why You Should Consider Aerial Intelligence
to Succeed.

Are unmanned aerial vehicles right for every company? For some it may not be worth the time and money. But for others, the outcome could be incredible.

One industry that should strongly consider incorporating our drones is the real estate market. For real estate agents, drone photography can be implemented with excellent results. For individuals and companies helping to sell land and property, there are several good reasons to invest in hiring a high quality UAV ( Drone ) for photography or Videography purposes. Here are 5 of them.


Drone photography will save you time

Selling a parcel of land that encompasses thousands of acres? Instead of spending countless hours walking or driving across the land to obtain all the needed photographs, simply send Aerial Imaging’s drone into the air. Producing beautiful digital aerial photography, our drone can cover the distance at a fraction of the time, creating a more efficient work process and leaving you with more time to focus on other aspects of your business: like landing the sale!


Photos from above capture ‘the bigger picture’

Not only does aerial photography enable you to cut hours off of your photography time, it undoubtedly produces some top notch images. With the possibility of perspective and distance, we can capture images that show much more than your average ground-level photo. Drone photos display “the bigger picture.” If you’re selling a large plot of land, imagine how much more effective it would be to show the entire size and scope in a single image? Clients can’t help but be impressed. Sale = made.


It takes your business to new heights (literally!)

Pardon the pun, but drone photography does take your business to new heights; it will certainly kick things up a notch. Drone usage is professional, unique, forward thinking, and sets you aside from many other real estate agents. This may change as drones grow ever more popular, of course, so it’s a great excuse to get started NOW.



Drone photography makes a mark on social media

These days, home buyers are starting their searches online. To stand out as a real estate agent, a strong social media presence can make a massive difference. Sharing content has become increasingly focused on photos and video. With aerial drone photography, you can produce incredible content that helps skyrocket your social media accounts, and brings in many more followers (and potential customers).

It helps you sell a dream

Drone photography still amazes us. In the real estate business, it offers an overarching picture of a piece of land or a home that can’t be managed with traditional photography, and in this way, such images help to capture a dream. Your potential home buyers will be enchanted by these aerial images, giving them a new vision about what their property is and could be. This alone makes drone photography completely worth it.