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5 reasons why property vendors should agree to get drone photography

1. For encompassing aerial views of their entire property and land – the ‘zoomed out’ perspective allows the drone operator to bring all of the surrounding features into one shot – the gardens, pool, tennis court or granny flat. A well edited aerial video of a property, with fitting background music can inspire a potential buyer much more so than a regular video.

2. For confirming the condition of the roof, fence lines, large trees and other property features that are difficult to see from the ground.

3. To show what the drive home or the kids’ walk to school looks like, the drone operator can go up to 400 feet and catch shots of the neighbourhood and surrounding area. Later they can overlay graphics to show the number of km’s to local schools, train stations, hospitals, parks and shopping centres.

4. On vacant sites, to fly up and get 360-degree shots to replicate the view – what it will look like from predetermined heights/levels of a proposed building.

5. There is also tracking progress of construction sites, mapping terrains and creating three-dimensional models by stitching together drone photos.